Choose how you want to reach your customers.

Display, social, feedback, informative and personal ads - Zareklamy Ads has a lot of ways to reach your potential customers.

Reach who you want

Stay local or go global.

Select a potential group of customers within a few kilometers of your company or target all regions or countries. You can also choose the recipients interests and demographics.

Measure performance

Take the guesswork out of advertising.

See how your ads are doing.

Thanks to analysts, you can see exactly how many people saw your ad, at what time, where they came from, and what they did.

Zareklamy Ads - See how your ads are doing.

Automatic ad optimization.

At any time after creating an ad, you have access to ad optimization that tells you what works best for you and whatnot, and apply improved changes.

Zareklamy Ads - Automatic ad optimization.

Stay in control of your budget.

You can adjust your budget, pause or change ads at any time without additional fees.

Zareklamy Ads - Create your first ad.

Create your first ad.

Develop your business with Zareklamy Ads

  • 1.Create an account
  • 2.Choose the type of ad that best suits your business
  • 3.Specify the budget

You can also talk to a Zareklamy Ads expert and get help creating your first campaign.

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