About social media ads

Likes, subscriptions, followers...

Everything in one place, related to engagement in social media.

Introduction to ads.


Create and customize

To start, select from available forms of advertising expected engagement. These can be likes, views, subscriptions, followers, fans, shares, group or events joins and much more.


Find high-quality recipients

Choose how many likes or subscriptions you want to get, and we will show this ad to people who will be interested in your product or activity. Plus, do not worry - you can always make changes later.


Set a fixed or daily budget.

Set a rate for each engagement (for example, for each subscription on YouTube - $0.01), and our tools for creating ads and bidding will help you increase your advertising performance, all within your budget.

Increase your reach, become popular.

By creating a campaign, you can get up to 50,000 likes on Facebook or 1,000,000 views on a YouTube video or 100,000 followers on Instagram - just choose what you want to achieve. The amount of the chosen engagement depends on the budget set.

Get more benefits from each ad.

To maximize the potential of advertising, the optimization of Zareklamy Ads checks each ad on your account and tells you what to use and what works best for you. You can conclude these suggestions and apply the changes yourself as you like.