Stay within your budget.

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Get results

Only pay for ads that pay off.

Zareklamy Ads will not charge money from your account if you do not get what you expect. Instead, you only pay for website entries, likes, registrations, or completed surveys.

When it comes to budget - the decision is yours. Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars a month, and others only need a few hundred.

Do it your way

Call the shots on your campaigns.

Full control.

Do you want to try Zareklamy Ads? You do not have to commit to anything - you can pause, end, or change your campaign at any time without additional fees.

Budget flexibility.

You can easily set the price you want to pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can change it whenever you want.

Real-time effects.

Regardless of whether they are entries on the site, likes, surveys or registrations, thanks to analytical tools you always know if your investment is paying back.

Several payment methods.

You can configure payments by credit card, debit card, using PayPal or by bank transfer - just as it is most convenient for you.

Zareklamy Ads - Create your first ad.

Create your first ad.

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You can also talk to a Zareklamy Ads expert and get help creating your first campaign.

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